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Center for Sight.  A Healthy Office.

Minimizing the use of toxic chemicals in the construction of this office space is better for the health of the staff and for those who visit Center for Sight. Exposure to even low levels of toxic chemicals in the indoor environment has been linked to a broad spectrum of illnesses ranging from chronic sinus infections to immune system disorders and cancer. We want to emphasize good health in this office, so we thought we would start by building a healthy office space.

Background of Healthy Office:

The average North American spends approximately ninety percent of their time indoors. Indoor air quality becomes an important factor affecting health. The Environmental Protection Agency recently stated, “indoor air pollution in residences, offices, schools, and other buildings is widely recognized as one of the most serious potential environmental risks to human health.”

Since the 1970’s energy crises, buildings have become more tightly constructed and energy efficient. At the same time, the building industry began manufacturing more inexpensive synthetic building products. To date there are about 80,000 chemicals in commercial use. Less than 1,000 of these products have been tested for toxic effects on human health.

Minimal Offgassing

Center for Sight’s Carmel location was¬†built using non-toxic and natural products that have very little if any “offgassing” of harmful chemicals.

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Healthy Office - Non Toxic Spaces


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