YAG Laser Surgery

After a cataract surgical procedure, some patients notice a cloudiness or haze – sometimes referred to as “after-cataract”. This can develop months to years after cataract surgery; often coming on gradually. This cloudiness can become very dense and can cause as much or more vision loss as the original cataract.

2A1560 pickupMOD: change the capsule and IOL color to clear (a kuo)The technical term for this condition is posterior capsular opacification, meaning that there is an opacification in the membrane behind the lens implant. This condition is one of the most common complications for adults after standard cataract surgery.  The haze caused by this membrane can be cleared with a laser surgery called Nd:YAG posterior capsulotomy  – or, YAG Laser Surgery.

The goal of the surgery is to create an opening in the cloudy back lining of the lens capsule, allowing light to pass through clearly to the retina.

yagcapsThe procedure is performed in our office on an outpatient basis and requires only topical anesthesia (eye drops).  The patient is typically in the office for 60 – 90 minutes total, which includes pre- and post-operative measurements. The procedure itself takes approximately 5 minutes.  

The decision making process for this procedure is similar to the criteria used for the original cataract surgery:

  • The difference in vision between the two eyes is substantial and bothersome
  • You are unable to pass a driver’s license vision test
  • Vision problems are affecting your work or lifestyle.
  • Optical glare caused by bright lights is a problem with your vision
  • You have episodic or habitual double-vision
  • You have another vision-threatening eye disease.

We recommend the procedure in cases where the vision loss caused by clouding of the lens capsule is seriously affecting the person’s vision and lifestyle.

While Nd:YAG laser posterior capsulotomy is not used to prevent clouding of the back lining of the lens capsule, we have no way of predicting which patients are susceptible to developing clouding in the back of the eye after initial cataract surgery. However, certain lenses used in the surgery to remove the cataract may lower this risk and the need for laser surgery at a later time.

For a full review of your condition and whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, please consult with one of our doctors at Center for Sight during your next appointment or examination.

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YAG Laser Surgery


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