At 92 years of age I have received a man-made miracle.  Through cataract surgery and the installation of remarkable new lenses, I have been given 20/20 vision.  My eyes are performing better than they did in high school, and without the aid of glasses.

After surgery in early May, I made a trip to my grandson’s wedding in Yosemite National Park.  Just in time, I was given perfect vision for the beautiful outdoor services.  I watched with love and accuracy the bride, groom, mountains, and waterfalls, along with the historic lodge full of eye catching Indian artifacts.

The gift of good eyesight is priceless.  Thanks to Dr. Behforouz and the scientists that developed my lenses, the world is looking very bright and full of possibilities.


Betty O.



I saw more clearly within a day after each surgery – vision was much clearer and brighter.  I had Crystalens put in and now I don’t need glasses or contacts!

I felt very informed, staff was GREAT!  My experience was great and would certainly recommend Dr Behforouz.

Barbara P.



I was diagnosed with cataracts at the grand old age of 48 – I could hardly believe it when the Dr. told me!  I had surgery on my right eye in March of 2010 and then my left eye in June of 2010.  After discussions with Dr. Behforouz, I opted to have the ReSTOR multifocal lens placed in both eyes and I have never been more pleased with my vision!  After wearing glasses or contacts since age 10, I am now completely free of both!  The only issue I ever have with reading is with lighting that is a little too dim or yellow.  I am a church director/musician/pianist, so reading music was my big concern with the surgery.  But now, other than a random lighting issue, I can read, play, and direct music without any assistance.

I had also been experiencing a lot of trouble with driving at night – seeing multiple tail lights of other vehicles, 6 red stop lights instead of 3, misjudging the distance when turning corners or coming to stop signs.  Now I enjoy driving at night again – I don’t fight glare or multiples of distorted lights, and my depth perception seems to be pretty accurate!

If anyone in my family, or a close friend, faces cataracts in the future, I will quickly and confidently encourage them to consider the ReSTOR multi-focal lenses.  It is a wonderful feeling to be free of glasses/contacts – both of which can be somewhat burdensome at times – and have the best vision of my life!

My thanks to Dr. Behforouz and his team at Center for Sight.  All my questions and hesitations were met with patience and understanding, and I couldn’t have been happier with the care I received – or outcome.

Peggy M.



I was diagnosed with congenital cataract in approximately 5th grade. My father had it as well as both of my children. I noticed in certain lighting conditions, it was difficult to clearly see objects, especially small objects. It was also difficult seeing objects of low contrast. I usually had to play infield in baseball because of difficulty seeing fly balls in the outfield due to low contrast of white baseball against light blue sky or white clouds. I did much better during night games when ball was contrasted against a dark sky. Playing golf, I had a lot of difficulty seeing white ball in the sky….

About six years ago, I noticed that my visual acuity seemed to diminish slightly. This was about the same time my mother was diagnosed with macular degeneration and diabetes. I got nervous and went to my eye doctor, Dr. Kelly Gelarden. Dr. Gelardin kind of laughed and assured me I was ok, I was just in my 40’s now and eyes change. Dr. Gelardin did refer me to Dr. Michael Behforouz and told me there were some new procedures and products out there that I might be interested in. I met Dr. Behforouz and immediately decided this is what I wanted.

After the Alcon Toric lens was transplanted into my first eye, I saw immediate results. When you have lived with a certain vision quality your entire life, it becomes your normal. I quickly realized it wasn’t the best it could be. I explain it as if you were looking through a screen door with one eye, and the other eye was looking forward with no barrier. When the second eye was completed, a whole new world opened up to me.

With my job…(now)… I did not have to worry about losing a contact or braking glasses. When it rained, I didn’t have to worry about keeping the glasses dry so I could see. When the weather was extremely cold or hot, and I entered into either heat or air conditioning, glasses would fog up…

I also referee high school basketball. This is a big deal in the state of Indiana. The same benefits applied. I didn’t have to worry about losing a contact lens while running up and down the floor. Now, if a coach or fan yells at me saying, “You must be blind, ref.” I can look at them and say, “Not anymore!!!”

I also had a great sensitivity to bright lights before the procedure. It was difficult to look past lights shining directly at my eyes. This also made it difficult for the eye doctors to perform certain tests on me, due to the light sensitivity. Since this procedure, I do not experience the same sensitivity. Now I can wear sunglasses to simply look cool, instead of out of necessity to block out the light.

I can now enjoy watching and playing baseball even more because I can follow the ball, no matter where it is hit or thrown. My golf game has improved by several strokes. Dr. Behforouz has tuned up my eyes so well, I can see the spin of the golf ball and know how to adjust my strokes. I can read in any sort of lighting condition now. I have read more books, cover to cover, in the last six years than I probably have up to this point in my life.

The downfall of having this procedure is that, because I can see clear, I can also see when things are dusty, even if just a little bit. If you are a neatness freak, this could drive you nutty.

In a nut shell, my quality of life has skyrocketed. I achieved such great success with this procedure that I referred my father. My father had the same procedure done approximately 6 months after me. He has experienced a lot of the same benefits. He has even taken flying lessons.

I would absolutely give anyone a positive recommendation to ask Dr. Behforouz about receiving the Alcon Toric lens.


Fred I.

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